A few, random pictures for you to on a thumbnail to enlarge
IMG_0660-1 (dragged).tiff

Saloon requiring attention to corrosion

2008_1209daimler20006-1 (dragged).tiff

Dart with unique seats installed

2008_1224daimler20012-1 (dragged).tiff

An earlier renovation

2009_0130daimler20002-1 (dragged).tiff

This is the SP252 undergoing a respray

IMG_0001-1 (dragged).tiff

An automatic SP250

IMG_0200-1 (dragged).tiff

You wait for days for a b.r.g Dart, then two come along at once

IMG_0208-1 (dragged).tiff

Saloons often rust below the radiator grille

IMG_0262-1 (dragged).tiff


IMG_0263-1 (dragged).tiff

More corrosion

IMG_0265-1 (dragged).tiff

Yet more corrosion

IMG_0450-1 (dragged).tiff

A very nice Dart in a Ferrari body colour

IMG_0540-1 (dragged).tiff

Spotted for sale at an auction in Fort Lauderdale

IMG_0632-1 (dragged).tiff

Make sure windscreen components match!

IMG_0885-1 (dragged).tiff

Borg Warner Type 35 automatic gearbox for a saloon

IMG_1024-1 (dragged).tiff

Awaiting restoration

IMG_1080-1 (dragged).tiff

Another accident repair

IMG_1164-1 (dragged).tiff

The office!

IMG_1187-1 (dragged).tiff

Upgraded saloon rear brakes

IMG_1560-1 (dragged).tiff

This is the factory badge bar

IMG_1573-1 (dragged).tiff

Standard spats

IMG_1756-1 (dragged).tiff

A project!

IMG_20170825_131440-1 (dragged).tiff

Very rare Dart speedo with kph markings

IMG_2091-1 (dragged).tiff

Dutch Dart

IMG_2435-1 (dragged).tiff

Saloon undergoing restoration

IMG_2707-1 (dragged).tiff

Lunch stop!

IMG_2761-1 (dragged).tiff

You must replace alloy 3 way brake unions

IMG_2822-1 (dragged).tiff

The Saloon engine bay is fairly crowded

XPRH2142-1 (dragged).tiff

Piers Townsend's Dart racing at Goodwood


The Saloon features mongrammed seat belt buckles


The handbrake location on the Saloon is truly convenient


Looks nice on the drive